Tips on Pool Cue Tips

Tips come in different densities. Tip density effects mushrooming.

Soft tips offer more control and spin but mushroom a lot and require more maintenance.

Medium Tips hold their shape and offer a reasonable level of control and spin.

Hard Tips hold their shape, offer less control and spin, hard to scuff and I think they are mostly used used for breaking cues.

I use a medium Morri for my shooting cue and a phenol ic tip for my break cue.
I also have a couple of other shooting cues with the Le Pro tips on them which is pretty much the standard one that is on most new cues.

Le Pro and Triangle are a very good economical all-around tip for shooting and breaking. The advantage they offer over the phenol ic tip for breaking depends on your stoke, if you have a tendency to not hit the cue ball dead center, you can still get a pretty good break with the Le Pro or Triangle, where the phenol ic tip slides off the cue ball and you can wind up with an awful break shot.

The biggest problem with all these tip choices is that unless you try every one of them, it is impossible to tell which is the best one for you. This also assumes that the player is experienced enough to even tell the difference.

If you are in our store we do have a cue with a number of shafts, each shaft is equipped with a different tip, so that you can test drive some of these other tips, to see if they really do make a difference in your game.

My recommendation for tips for shooting pool would be a medium to medium-hard tip. In that range they all should be pretty good. We re tip cues here and the number one selling tip is Le Pro, number 2 is Triangle and number 3 is the Moori Medium tip.

To re tip your cue with a Moori costs $40, Le Pro and Triangle Costs $15. If $40 to re tip a cue doesn't cause you to gag, go for the Moo ri-Medium.

The tip densities shown below we have found on the web, so we can't guarantee their accuracy.
Soft (Density = 60-65)
Elk Master - 60.1
Royal Oak - 66.5
Blue Knights - 61.2
Silver King - 60.3
Chandivert Eureka - 64.4
Porper Ram - 64.1
Stratos - 65.8
Tiger Laminated - 65.3
Moori - 63.8
Talisman - 64.3
Medium (Density = 66-75)
Tiger Sniper - 66.9
Chandivert Super Royal - 75.8
Porper Ram - 75.1
Tsunami - 75.8
Tiger Everest - 75.1
Tiger Laminated - 74.5
Moori - 74.2
Talisman - 73.9
Medium Hard (Density = 76-80)
Le Pro - 78.2
Triumph - 76.9
Chandivert Champion - 74.2
Chandivert Crown - 77.1
Chandivert Comprime - 78.7
Shooter 76.3
Tiger Dynamite - 77.2
Wild Boar - 77.8
Talisman Pro - 77.0
Porper Majestic - 77.4
Hard (Density = 81-85)
Hercules 81.0
Sumo - 82.0
Triangle - 81.4
Tsunami - 82.4
Stratos - 81.1
Tiger Laminated - 81.0
Stingray - 83.5
Chandivert Rocky - 82.1
Moori - 82.7
Talisman - 81.4

Extra Hard (Density = 86+)
Talisman - 86.1
Stratos - 87.3
Tiger Jump/Break – 99
House Cues 57" - 52" - 48" - 40" - 36 " $19.95
Short cues to accommodate the tight spots
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Economy One Piece Cues

Made of select kiln dried hard woods.
Cues are made of hard wood, a very straight grain tree that is native to Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Sizes and weights of the cues available
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40 Inch cue 13 Ounces
48 Inch cue 13 Ounces
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