Compleat Gamester Inc

Olhausen Stain Chips

Traditional Mahogany on Maple Traditional Cherry on Maple American Maple on Maple
Brandywine on Maple Traditional Pecan on Maple Original Cherry on Maple

Sienna on Maple Natural on Hard Rock Maple Matte Cottage Cove on Maple
Matte Graphite on Maple Cinnamon on Maple Oxblood on Maple
***Finish includes distressing
and rub-through***
Matte Champagne on Maple Matte Butternut on Maple Matte Slate on Maple
***Finish includes distressing*** ***Finish includes distressing*** ***Finish includes
distressing and rub-through***
Ebony on Maple Espresso on Maple Matte Onyx on Maple
    ***Finish includes rub-through***
Heritage Cherry on Maple Heritage Maple on Maple Heritage Mahogany on Maple
Matte Black Lacquer on Maple American Walnut on Oak Natural on Oak
Heritage Oak on Oak Traditional Mahogany on Oak Sienna on Oak
Traditional Mahogany on Tulipwood Original Cherry on Tulipwood Brandywine on Tulipwood
Cinnamon on Tulipwood Natural Cherry on Cherry Spring Cherry on Cherry
Sienna on Cherry Matte WSS on Walnut Breckenridge
Brecenridge Stain
    Available only on Breckenridge
Ponderosa, Cumberland, and Pinehaven Finishes
***Finish includes distressing***
Light Medium Dark